A Wild Post Appears

It’s been so long. I’ve been updating the website, but I’ve been very busy trying to get a job! In the meantime, I have graduated from USC, and released 2 games on the App store: Mercy Royal and #strys. So check those out. And if you found this page from my resume and are thinking “should I hire this guy?”, then the answer is “yes, he’s the perfect candidate for your job needs.”

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Woah, college is too hectic. This semester has been crazy, I’ve been taking this film production class and it’s eating all my free time. So I’m still slowly working on putting the finishing touches on this site, like the footer and all the pages. Still some work to go.

I am also working on another website for someone, but that project is going very slowly. I haven’t even touched those files in over a month. Good thing I haven’t set any kind of schedule for that one. Spring break’s coming up, I guess I can work on it then.

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Welcome to My New Website!

Yo! New website! I’ve been working on getting me a website, and here it is. I’ve been doing freelance web design and coding for the past couple of years, so I figured that I should have a site of my own to show off some of the work I’ve done in the past.

I’m still assembling all the pages, and the design needs a bit more work, but it’s mostly done, so browse around and contact me if you have any questions or have some web work that needs doing.

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